Friday, February 6, 2009

Dressing Up!

For my birthday in March I am having a fancy dress party. The theme is Heroes vs Villains, and I am planing on resurrecting the Huntress costume I made for a party last year. The party is for my 25th, and as Craig tells me I will officially be old, I am also making iy a kid's party (but with an adult twist) with food from my childhood, games, balloons etc. Hopefully it will be something to remember as I've never really had much in the way of a birthday party.

Anyway, I need to send out invitations before I go away on holiday, and I thought I could use a photo of me in fancy dress as the picture on the invite. So Craig and I dressed up in our gear, and Rhonwyn took some photos of us in the park outside our house. Craig was wearing his 'Ed the Ringwraith' costume as the villain - although Rhonwyn commented he looked like an old lady in a raincoat!

Here's a couple of the best photos:

For those who don't know who the Huntress is, she is a DC comics character and a member of the Birds of Prey - one of my favourite comics. You can find some information about her here.

Well, I had better get on with making the invitations!

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