Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tonga Holiday, part 2

After our very busy tour the previous day, it was time for a little relaxation. There are a couple of islands just offshore in the lagoon of Nuku'alofa which are great for a beach day. We headed out to Pangaimotu, about 10 minutes by ferryboat. There were only two other people on the boat with us, and the island itself felt almost deserted! The resort consists of the pier, a restaurant/bar and a few fales (beach huts for sleeping guests).

We went for a walk along the beach and found a sunny spot to sunbathe and swim. It was a lovely relaxing way to spend the day. We also had a couple of canine visitors, including this very cute puppy!

The tide was coming in during the afternoon so we started to lose our beach spot. After our picnic lunch, we headed to the pier-side bar and chilled out on the deck.

We also went for a swim off the pier near this half sunken boat.

Eventually after a long day of sunbathing and swimming, it was time to catch the last boat back to Nuku'alofa. We had a great, relaxing day, although we managed to get some nasty areas of sunburn where we'd missed the suncream...

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