Monday, August 16, 2010

Intensive Update #4

Time for another update, as it took me so long to write up Tonga I never wrote about anything else! Luckily I won't be going on any holidays for a good long while due to lack of funds! So no more multiple holiday posts...

Not that I'm really sure there is much to update about my life. Things are ticking along, the house is going well, I had 2 flatmates for a while but one has just moved out. It's nice to only have one flatmate, the house feels more my own with only one other person here, and I'm hoping I can get by with just renting out one room but we'll see. I've been waiting months to get my bathroom renovation sorted and hopefully that will be happening in a couple of weeks. There are still plenty of odd jobs to do around the place, and lots of things I'd love to do too, but unfortunately the bills need to be paid instead! I've learned I hate paying Rates! They always come at the wrong time.

Other aspects of my life - work is going well, and the 3 week holiday from work is even better! Switching to 12hr shifts has meant I get a lot more time off, although I'm going up to full time (from .9FTE) when I start back next week so that means an extra 8hr shift per fortnight. My love life sucks, but then that's really nothing new is it? Spectacular heartbreak this year, but I'm mending slowly. At least the cat loves me. Oh yes, I got a cat a couple of months ago! Her name is Poppy, and a friend from work gave her to me as she didn't get on with their dog. She's taken a while to settle in but she's pretty good most of the time now. Doesn't like new people though!

I'm really getting into gardening lately, and planning to grow a lot of my own vegetables over the coming year. I'll be blogging a lot about it I think, have been taking photos as I go.

So friends, this is a short update, as really there haven't been that many newsworthy moments so far this year! I can't believe it is half way through August though, the year is disappearing so quickly.

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