Monday, November 24, 2008

Intensive Update #1

I've had lots of ideas for blog posts recently, but unfortunately life keeps interrupting... so instead I'm going to just write a quick update.

This evening I am off to Wellington for a week's holiday. This is my first time to the NZ Capital, and I'm quite excited about it. I am also pretty broke, so I shall be limiting my activities to free and/or very cheap things to do. Luckily Wellington has the amazing Te Papa museum to keep me occupied for a couple of days, as well as some beautiful parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and some good coastal walks too. I shall be taking lots of photos and blogging about my trip next week.

Unfortunately, I have managed to get a dental abscess from my evil wisdom tooth (the one that always causes me problems) so I had to spend 2 and a half hours at the emergency dental school clinic this morning... I did take my Rough Guide with me to read up about Wellington, so at least some of that time was productive. Anyway, now I am on antibiotics for 5 days, so perhaps I won't be partying it up too much. Such a shame, I'd just gotten over the concussion I gave myself last month and was feeling ready for some alcohol-related fun. I also have a lovely red swollen jaw so am feeling highly unattractive at the moment....

In other news, I sat my Nursing Registration Exam on tuesday. Which officially means I've finished my training. Unless I fail the exam, but I think it went pretty well. It was, however, mulitple choice. I loathe multiple choice tests with a passion. Grrrr........ I won't know the results until around Christmas time, as apparently they have to send them off to Australia to be marked. You wouldn't think it was that hard to mark MC questions that they have to send them abroad, would you??

Well, I am off to pack now, and take some more painkillers. Until next time, folks xxx

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