Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where to begin....

So here is the start of my attempt at blogging.

To be honest I have tried once before, in the dim and distant past when I was much more adept at computers and computer languages than I am now. Why have I suddenly decided to enter the blogging world again?

There are a few reasons. I'm coming up to a major turning point in my life, lots of things are going on and life's journey is starting to become a bit more interesting.

Firstly, I have finally finished studying to become a Registered Nurse, with my final Registration Exam in just two weeks. After four years of working, studying and stressing, the end is finally in sight!

Secondly, and following on from the end of studying, is that I will be starting my first real nursing job in March 2009 - when the real learning starts! (Assuming I pass the Exam, of course...)

Thirdly, because I have a nice long summer break before I have to be a real Nurse, I have booked my flights to South East Asia, specifically Laos.

I am so excited about this, it has been 2 years since I've been able to do some proper travelling and my feet are getting so itchy I need a whole tube of antihistamine cream to calm them down (okay, not really, yuk...) Of course, like the hoards of other travel bloggers, I'll be needing some place to post photos and write about my experiences, and torture all my friends.

Lastly, I really need to get back to my first love, writing. The last few years of my life have been so focused on the goal of becoming a Nurse, and also a bit of a roller-coaster because of moving halfway across the world, that my writing has suffered too much. I've had the odd period of industriousness, but am seriously lacking in discipline these days. I'm hoping to at least set a little bit of time everyday to do something writing-related.

So I am hoping my blog will be a good thing for me, and at least minimally interesting to anyone else who happens to read it (which, let's face it, will probably just be Craig...) I should say a big thanks to my friend Craig, who came up with the name for my blog almost immediately upon my asking him for suggestions. He has his uses! He is also trying to convince me to do some stories with my character from his popular blog Traumador: The Tyrannosaur Chronicles. Perhaps.

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lisap said...

The blog is a great idea, always keen to know how you are getting on and it makes a good interesting read. I wish you joy and happiness on your future journey and career and look forward to reading your book in the future.
Take care Lisa P